HUGE Savings
on Personal Training.

$50.00 + GST/hour
for personal training
(a savings of $26.00/hour).

Buy up to 20 training sessions for this incredible price.

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“To assist people in achieving their personal health, nutrition, fitness and sporting goals through safe effective training offered by highly qualified and very knowledgeable fitness professionals in a comfortable atmosphere.”logo

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Debbie Scott, Owner & Trainer

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Want a personal trainer but can’t quite afford one? Now you can. Limited spots available!

Hi Everyone, we at Phoenix Personal Fitness understand times are not a good as in the past and that people have to choose where to spend their money wisely. We also understand that people realize that Fitness is the most important thing a person can do to live HEALTHIER and LONGER, research has PROVEN that, this is not fiction.

Our highly successful program has one of our excellent certified Personal Trainers working with a small concentrated group. This lets you still get personalized guidance at a tremendous economical price point. We run these programs 6 times a year and they generally run 8 weeks, training 3 times a week (2 times in the summer). These programs always sell out so contact us today to get on the list so you don’t miss your chance to make that difference in your life that will change your life…..forever! It’s not smoke and mirrors, it’s real results that you can see and feel. For more info and dates and times, check out our “Programs” page or contact us via the contact form, telephone, email or in person.
Thank you all for your continued patronage of Phoenix Personal Fitness over the years. It is very much appreciated.





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