Norm Kalmanovitch

My sports background included competitive swimming, water polo, masters’ ski racing, and competitive cycling.


I started the SED program when Debbie first started it at Lindsey Park. At that time I hadn’t competed or done much of anything physical for over ten years and decided that I had better start some sort of exercise program. We, her first clients, had to be the examples that showed that her program worked. Debbie made sure we stuck to the program with a weigh-in and measurements at the start and end of each session. “Cardio” was a full half hour, and unless the sweat was pouring off you weren’t going hard enough. Weights were always as big as possible and as soon as you got up to twelve reps she put your weights up. The session finished with an unpleasant amount of abdominal exercises followed by a full set of stretches. Debbie made sure that that we did all of the weights correctly so even though we hurt we never got hurt. Remarkably the pounds came off, strength increased dramatically, and a reasonable level of fitness came back, and these results have kept me coming back for over 12 years.

norm3About six years ago I got back to bike racing on the track and I have changed my program to be more bike specific. It seems to have worked and I keep getting faster. I have been on the podium at the National Championships the last four years, and I won a silver and a bronze medal in the 55 to 59 age category at the World Masters Games in Edmonton this year.nished with an unpleasant amount of abdominal exercises followed by a full set of stretches. Debbie made sure that that we did all of the weights correctly so even though we hurt we never got hurt. Remarkably the pounds came off, strength increased dramatically, and a reasonable level of fitness came back, and these results have kept me coming back for over 12 years.

Barb Miller-Hodges

barb33.5 yrs ago I was sitting by the pool in Palm Desert with my golf buddies and we were having one of our more intellectual holiday conversations – discussing favourite body parts – I couldn’t come up with one – one of the girls suggested my eyes – I was secretly hoping for legs – but nope – it was the eyes. And so, I declared to them that somewhere, under the extra 25 pounds in the 20 years since high school, I did have the potential for muscle definition. That conversation kept coming back to me over the summer – and so, after a “gentle” nudge from my husband, I decided it was time to see if I could do something about that potential. Recognizing my extreme lack of discipline, (unused gym memberships all over Calgary) I knew I had to do something different if I was going to make this wholesale change. I checked out of the 60-hour workweek, began consulting from home and most importantly, met Debbie. I entered into the SED program and have been training faithfully 3 times a week for just over 3 years. The result — 25 pounds and a couple of clothing sizes – barb2and hey – there was muscle under there! Backpacking and hiking have taken on a whole new flavour – I can actually enjoy the surroundings now vs. wondering if I will make it through the next step! Kananaskis gets a lot bigger when you can go further – Patagonia with the Torres and Fitzroy are no longer a dream and Mt. Assiniboine was as beautiful as promised (even with the bears). Additionally, the X-Bike classes have completely changed how I ride my bike – I feel much stronger and more confident on the trail.

Betty Green

betty1In 1994 I was attracted to the SED program offered by Debbie Scott because it was an economical way to work with a personal trainer. Eleven years later I am still committed to three workouts a week with Debbie. I benefit from a program designed by a professional. Over the years I have been able to work around a tennis elbow, post-pneumonia fatigue, and an injured knee, all with the help of a knowledgeable trainer. Debbie coached my rehabilitation by strengthening the areas around the elbow and knee rather than aggravating them. Plus her sensitivity to working through my fatigue was supportive and helpful.


As a “seasoned” woman I have benefited from weight training in so many ways. Perhaps the most important benefit to me personally is having strength and stamina for a busy work day as a teacher. As a grandmother I love to be with my twin granddaughters who are busy toddlers. I do not need to think twice about picking them up to play because I am strong. Weight and cardio training provide me with a wellness component for my daily life.


I have had the pleasure of working with Debbie for the past 14 years. It is a tribute to her amazing personality and skill that she has managed to keep me motivated and engaged in coming to the gym for so many years.

Her training has been highly effective for me. It has the right mixture of strength development; challenge and camaraderie that I need to keep me motivated and strong. As a trainer, Debbie, consistently shows care and concern for the welfare of her clients. She is able to adapt exercises to meet the unique needs of each person. I love the professionalism, friendliness and concern demonstrated by her.

Recently I had surgery on my foot and was on crutches for 6 weeks. I am positive that without the success of Debbie’s program I would not have recovered as quickly as I did. Debbie has made and kept me strong for the past 14 years. I am grateful that I am able to work out in such a beautiful gym surrounded by so many kind and wonderful people.


Janice Heard


I have nothing but praise for my experience at Phoenix Personal Fitness! I had a hip replacement a year and a half ago. After some physiotherapy, I started rehabilitation of my joint with Debbie Scott, owner and personal trainer at Phoenix. She contacted my physiotherapist and discussed my limitations and what precautions she needed to take..very professional and careful!

We started slowly and methodically, gradually increasing the strength of my hip and leg and I never had any cause for concern. I got progressively stronger, gained range of motion with the exercise regimen Deb prescribed, and never injured or strained my new joint.


After consultation with Debbie, Kari did some very therapeutic massage, and I now have better strength, flexibility and range of motion than I have had for years! In addition, the rest of my old body has gained strength, tone and flexibility. I am more fit than I have been in ages! Thanks Debbie! You have helped me get my life back!!!


Phoenix Personal Fitness helped me get back into shape after having both my babies.
The trainers were well-educated and well-equiped to tailor a training program to fit my needs. As well, my workouts were always varied enough to prevent monotony from setting in. These things and the friendly atmosphere at phoenix keep me coming back!

Gord Ross

I decided to join Phoenix Personal Fitness in February of 2010. As a retired karate instructor I was amaze to wake up a few years later at 310 pounds suffering from edema, back spasms, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other things associated with being out of shape and over- weight. I decided I wanted to live because it was obvious the direction I was going was the wrong way. It is with both gratitude and enthusiasm that I would thank Phoenix Personal Fitness, my personal trainer and the massage therapists at the club for helping me get back on track to a healthy and active life. With the combination of the exercise and nutrition changes I have lost 60 pounds

Robin McDowell

I was introduced to this gym as part of a wellness program following prostate surgery. This was my first visit to a fitness facility and I wasn’t sure if this was the right place for my old bones.

After 10 years of being cancer free and physically fit, I owe a great deal to the Phoenix team for their continued support and a friendly environment which encourages me to keep coming in every week. My thanks to Debbie, Gail and the gang, keep up the good work!

Tammy Lee

Phoenix Personal Fitness has changed my life. I started my fitness journey at the age of 50. Never having gone to a gym before, my intention was to become healthy, so that as I aged, I would be able to stay in my home as long as I can, and travel the world, being able to participate fully in the journey.

The experience that I have had has been much more than that. My trainer has been caring, insightful, fun, and above all, is helping me to change my life.

Laura is working me towards being healthy in my everyday life, not just when I am in the gym. The crossover between the two makes me so grateful to have her varied knowledge and expertise in so many areas. The thing I love the most is the diversity of each workout. That is what keeps me coming back. This is a lifelong work in progress, and I am so happy to be taking it with Laura and Phoenix Personal Fitness. Thank you!!

Anne Zee

As a chubby, middle-aged ex-smoker with Asthma, joining a gym was quite a scary thought. Knowing that I lost out on the genetic lottery, I finally conceded to the fact that I needed to start exercising while I still could positively influence my health.

Having wasted my money with big box gyms (really, I felt embarrassed every time I’d present on the gym floor with my WalMart workout gear) I decided to entrust Debbie with my wobbly body.

Debbie was “gentle” with me at first, but the love affair soon ended and I began to learn how to swear under my breath. (In a good way of course.) The result of her coaching-I rode my bike all the way up that horrible and challenging Edworthy Park hill without stopping. My goal was to do it in under 10 minutes and I clocked in at 9:29!

The benefit of working with a coach-they push you beyond your perceived limitations. Thanks Debbie!

Janelle Wakaruk

Just over a year ago I decided that it was time for me to make some changes in my life. I didn’t feel healthy, I was the heaviest I’d ever been in my life, and I was unhappy because of this. A friend of mine knows Debbie from playing soccer and she suggested that I try Phoenix Personal Fitness. I’ve tried big gyms before and I don’t like them at all. I felt too conspicuous, didn’t know what I was doing, and I am skeptical that some of the staff employed at those places have any training in fitness or kinesiology. Phoenix is completely different! The space is beautiful and Debbie was incredibly welcoming and put me at ease right away. In fact I think I bought my first 50 sessions the first time I visited. Debbie designed a program customized for me that emphasized continuous movement through alternating cardio, weight training and core exercises. She also advised me on nutrition. And it worked! Thanks to Debbie I have lost just over 80 pounds and 10 dress sizes in the past year. It was hard work, and you have to be committed mentally and physically but there is no question that I’m now healthier at 40 than I was at 30. When work circumstances changed and I was no longer able to train exclusively with Debbie she seamlessly transitioned me to working with Jason, who is an amazing trainer as well. I’ve made a lifelong commitment to health and am so happy that I will be part of the Phoenix family for a long, long time.

Pete Cote


I joined more than 2 years ago at the suggestion of my friend Gord. It was difficult for me; even though I smoked and didn’t eat particularly well, I was (and still am) the healthiest person I know. Since working out here, I have quit smoking, learned to eat better (hey, it doesn’t always work!) and discovered, much to my chagrin, that I wasn’t even close to fit. I can honestly say that I’m closer to fit now and wanting more. Here’s the thing- we all procrastinate- but by being accountable to Debbie and to myself, I have dilligently come to Phoenix 3 times a week for more than 2 years and worked to turn back the hands of time a little. Now I can keep up to the kids, be more physically active and look forward to a longer, even healthier life.

The facilities are awesome, convenient and the staff is friendly, courteous and fun! We give back- since joining, I (along with staff, trainers and other members)have participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure and we have twice done a “Super Circuit” for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Sorry, folks, it just doesn’t get any better than this! What are you waiting for? Really?


Gail2 smI was that person that never stepped into a gym…It is owing to Deb’s no-nonsense results-oriented approach that after 3 years I’m still at it. Who knew, ’cause when I started, I had no expectations-no plan; Deb handled all that. I am happy to report I now have a fitness level! Phoenix’s other offerings: Xbike and kickboxing classes have rounded out my regime (super fun and motivating instructors)-you love them, you hate them but you feel so great afterward!!! Fully equipped facility-massage and acupuncture on site…talk about one-stop shop: I buy my workout gear at Phoenix pro shop too!!!

Neil Zeller

neilOn Sept 17th 2007, I had passport photos taken. When I got them back I had to ask my wife “is this what I really look like?” I was appalled with myself. Somehow in the past 10 years I allowed myself to become obese. After some serious soul searching and a very exhaustive search on the internet, I found a little gym called Phoenix Fitness. What initially attracted me here was the SED groups that were advertised on the website. A group of 4 people being instructed by a personal trainer for a much lower price than 1 on 1 training. I called Debbie and was impressed right away by her enthusiasm. We finished our conversation with a pretty good idea that I wanted to join this gym, however the gym was a long way from my home. About a week later I called back and signed up for the 6am MWF SED group starting on Nov 1st. This was the only time I could justify going that far to the gym as traffic wouldn’t make it feasible any other time. It was with some trepidation that I went to my first workout, not knowing what I was really getting myself into. The first workout was hard. I was the heaviest I ever weighed in my life and my trainer had me jumping and running and flopping and lifting all sorts of things all over this little gym. They weren’t gentle with me at first, but they were careful so as not cause me any injuries. It only took a couple of weeks of this kind of workouts to make a difference on my fitness. I found myself losing weight and getting stronger almost immediately.

Fast forward to Oct 2008, I stopped working out back in March 2008 having lost 30lbs and feeling fine, but work commitments kept me from the gym on a regular basis. (So I thought). During the summer I gained much of my losses back and wasn’t feeling very good about myself. I re-joined Phoenix on Oct 1st, 2008 and went right back to working harder than before because I knew I needed to catch back up. On Oct 21 I came into the gym feeling very good. I had an amazing workout with a great neilsuitattitude and felt like I was meant to be at Phoenix at this time in my life. From that day on I really understood that I am here for no one but myself and it was about time I started to push myself to greater gains!

What makes Phoenix so special for me is the SED group I belong to at 6am MWF that creates an accountability that I wouldn’t get anywhere else. Danielle our trainer really cares for the health and well being of the 4 of us and we also care for each other. Phoenix has allowed us the venue to create our own little community of fitness nuts that truly want the best for each other.

It is spring of 2009 now and I am in the finest fitness of my life. Since I Joined Phoenix Fitness I have lost over 70lbs and have turned a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle into one of fitness and fun! I had high blood pressure, chronic back pain, sever knee pain and had to wear orthotics. All of that is gone now! I have no joint pain; I threw my orthotics away and am now training to run a 1/2 marathon! On top of my 3 mornings at the gym I now run 3 days a week! (This from a guy who refused to run on the treadmill when I started at Phoenix)

Everything I have achieved in my fitness life (and it is a lot) in the last 2 years I owe completely to Phoenix Fitness. Thank you to Debbie for your wonderful gym, your kindness and encouragement. Thank you to Danielle for your wonderful version of hell you put us through 3 days a week, and thank you to my 6am gym mates for your encouragement, support and accountability to each other! I am looking forward to many years of 6am workouts at Phoenix Fitness!

Jeff Nechka, Premier Gems LTD

Working out in a public environment, can be intimidating; row after row of exercise equipment, pushy trainers trying to sell you stuff, and people who seem to enjoy gloating rather than break a sweat. At Phoenix Personal Fitness, it is all about you reaching your personal fitness goals. The trainers have your best interests in mind, they offer the inspiration to keep you motivated to work out. The environment and culture they’ve created keeps you coming back.

Gail Adair

Dear Team Phoenix………….when faced with a challenge we don’t always push ourselves to the limit. Well, at least I didn’t before I became the oldest member of our fantastic team. Since becoming a member in the fall of 2007 I can honestly say I can’t ever recall pushing myself physically or having as much re-inforcement encouraging me along the way. From personally training with Diane, who’s dedication and understanding of my health issues to Debbie’s taking me on as part of the Phoenix “family” has only enabled me to set the bar higher.

Not only has the “Phoenix Risen”…………..so have I and will continue to do so. Thanks everyone, coming to work each day is a real pleasure!


I am very happy to provide a testimonial to Phoenix Personal Fitness.

Two years ago I broke bones in both my feet and ankles which required surgery and several months of recovery. I then started physio, at which time I was informed that I would be fortunate to reach 85% of my full mobility. How depressing is that message?

So, in September of 2008, at my husband’s suggestion, I started working with Debbie twice a week and have in this short time period reached the 95% level of mobility to both feet. Despite the hard work, I look forward to my sessions. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and everyone works on their personal needs and wants in terms of their own health and fitness. No one feels out of place regardless of where they are in their own personal fitness…….what a treat…..not to feel self conscious about how you look!!!!

The serendipity of this fitness program is that I have also improved my stamina, strength and flexibility which will go a long way in improving bone mass and all that other stuff that is so important as we become “more advanced in our years”.

Even though all of that is wonderful, the best of all outcomes is that I can now, look forward to dancing at my daughter’s wedding in my beautiful and fashionable dressy, strappy, shoes with heels!!! Have to focus on our vanity priorities too! Keep up the great work……A really big fan.

Pat James

Pat smallHello,my name is Pat James and I have recently returned to Phoenix Personal Fitness after taking some time off. All I can say is that it feels great to be back!!! I began training with Debbie several years ago and it has always been a great experience with a lot of hard work and just the right amount of fun resulting in a more energized, trimmer and well-toned me. She is one of the biggest reasons that I have returned to fitness training as she has instilled in me the belief that fitness success is a journey, not a destination.

I am now training with a personal trainer, Jessica who is helping me acheive my goal of running and to improve my nutrition habits to reach that goal. She has been encouraging me every step of the way and is just as determined as I am to reach my goal. She has carefully worked out a safe effective program that has helped me progress at a pace suited to my capabilities.

I have also had the opportunity to work with other trainers at Phoenix Personal Fitness, Todd and Courtney. They each bring a different approach to training but they too are highly qualified and very knowledgable and have the client’s goals and well-being uppermost in their minds.

When your training leaves you with some minor aches & pains or you just need to relax & unwind it is good to know that both Wanda & Keli are there to help with a massage and advice to assist you in gaining the most benefits from your experience.

The Phoenix Personal Fitness mission statement: “To assist people in acheiving their personal health, nutrition, fitness and sporting goals through safe effective training offered by highly qualified and very knowledgable fitness professionals in a comfortable atomsphere.” These words should be an incentive to any one wanting to make changes or improve their sense of well being, I know they have been for me.

Tonya Redpath, Systems Analyst

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am about to approach my first year anniversary with Phoenix Personal Fitness and it has been some year. I was doing some soul searching in July 2008 while I was on vacation in the US. Colorado is the place that helped me find goals I wanted to attain. Just blame mountains and indoor skydiving!!! Look at me Mom, no hands!!!!! After seeing all the wonders I saw and just wanted to do more, I felt I wanted to try getting in shape again.

So when I got back, my sister wanted me to check out this place she found – Phoenix Personal Fitness. I was like, “Not another gym”. I was quite hesitant as I have done the gym thing before. Always felt like a number. Never felt that I fit in. But I sure did spend the money to gyms I never went to.

So my sister set up a meeting with Debbie. She was so friendly and down to earth, and the gym just had this vibe. It is hard to explain. Just felt like a fit this time. After a few more phone calls for the trainers available, my sister and I got our first training session with Todd. Well, ok, we were out of shape, but Todd would not let us just quit. He would implement stuff for us to do for the injuries we have. Then my sister had to quit for medical reasons.

So I got to train with Todd solo. But then I fell at work in November 2008 and injured my knee when I was doing so well. But Todd said there is other stuff for us to do and when the knee got better, we would start to strengthen it up again. Todd and I got along so well. He would add more weight as he saw me get stronger. We started doing intervals on the bike when it looked like my knee could handle it. I would tell him my diet and he would work me harder for the bad choices. Yes, I can see Todd getting pleasure to punish me for a bad choice. Plus I love the ladies I get to work out with. They make it worth it to come. Thanks Zoe, Pat, Jodi, Franquie and Wilma!!!!!

There are also some ladies that I would love to thank as they have helped me when I was sore. Massages from these ladies will make you not want to wake up. Thanks Wanda and Keli. I can say that I am glad I have Phoenix Personal Fitness.

Allan Simon

Quite frankly, I have never liked exercise. But when I reached my mid-fifties I realized that if I didn’t do “something”, I was a sitting duck for heart disease and diabetes. So eight years ago I started working out with Debbie and I followed her when she opened Phoenix Fitness. With Debbie and later Danielle as trainers, in a pleasant facility, and with a group of likeable and supportive workout partners, I have stuck with the program and reached at least a certain level of fitness. I consider myself fortunate that I have found this gym.


I love going to the gym!! Trust me 9 months ago you never would have heard me say those words, but it’s the absolute truth and I owe it all to Phoenix Personal Fitness and my personal trainer Jessica. A few years back I suffered a personal tragedy and as a result have struggled with depression. I heard exercising can decrease stress hormones and increase endorphins…your “happy hormones” and since I’ve also struggled with my weight my entire adult life, I thought it was worth trying. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried working out; I’ve been to other gyms, but I would get bored and was never motivated to go back. I just couldn’t make it a part of my lifestyle. I knew I had to do something completely different and thought it was a great idea when someone suggested getting a personal trainer!!

My first appointment with Jessica was at 8pm on a Monday evening, and I seriously didn’t want to go, but I managed to get myself there and I haven’t looked back. It’s been 9 months and I love it. Every workout is different and in every workout I see improvements in myself and my ability. Best of all, after my workouts I feel exhilarated and nothing is more motivating than that. My self esteem has improved dramatically and I feel so good that I find myself eating healthy (without dieting for once!). I’ve lost 20 pounds and 2 dress sizes, but more importantly I feel great and I’m happy.

Diana Hutchcroft

When I decided to do my marathon 6 months ago I knew the first thing I needed to do was come back to Phoenix Personal Fitness and train with Diane. I started back in January and I have looked forward to every session that I did. You have created an atmosphere that makes anyone enjoy working out. Every session has been a challenge even with the trainers that have filled in for Diane on occasions. I have also had an opportunity to have a massage from both therapists and they are both great which I know has helped me on my recovery. Each girls technique worked me in different ways. You have built a strong team at Phoenix and a lot of my accomplishment of doing this marathon needs to be credited to Diane and your gym. Thanks, I look forward to continue to train but for something different of course.

Al Fromm

In Sept 2007, I found myself retired, tired and overweight. “Promise to Self”- start exercising 6 days a week. Great promise but how do you make an old dog learn that trick. Friends had for a number of years tried to get me to go and try Phoenix Personal Fitness. Could this be the answer to my “Promise to Self” or would it just be a pain in the butt or some other body part(s). But I tried Phoenix Fitness and believe it or not when Debbie and Barb got done with me, I was exhausted and yet I had NO aches and pains. I still don’t know how they put you thru an hour workout and you feel better afterward. I have been going to Phoenix Personal Fitness ever since and have, with their help, kept my “Promise to Self”.

I am still overweight but much stronger and have way more endurance than before. I still leave Phoenix each time glad I went. Thanks Debbie and crew – oh – by the way, the massages and reflexology are worth their weight in gold. Staff and clients are all wonderful and fun to work out with. WAY TO GO – PHOENIX!

Edward Rooney

Jessica has a spontaneous personality that makes workouts fun, we always have a good laugh during my groaning times. She suggests exercise routines that are challenging but not more then I can handle.

Having worked out with other personal trainers I can say Jessica is one of the best. Thanks.


debbieI have worked out and been involved in sports since I picked up my first T-ball bat at 4 years old. A day doesn’t go by that I am not playing some sport, walking /running with the dog or working out. Even though I am an extremely active person I have found that since I have reached a certain age (dam those hormones) I am having a bit more difficult time managing my weight . I started doing private kick boxing work outs once or twice a week with Todd and I love it. This incredibly intense work out not only helps me burn some extra calories which makes it easier to manage a healthy weight, but is one of the best stress relievers I’ve found. One of the things that I really like about Todd is that he trains me like I am going to step into the ring (even though I never will) and not like a girl playing at being a boxer . Thank you for the awesome work outs Todd.

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