About Debbie

My Mission Statement

To assist people in achieving their personal health, nutrition, fitness and sporting goals through safe effective training offered by a highly qualified and very knowledgeable fitness professional.

deb-scottDebbie Scott

Debbie Scott attended the University of North Dakota on a volleyball scholarship and graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree (majoring in Physical Education). Debbie is in her 50’s and continues to play volleyball at a competitive level  against much younger woman which she attributes to strength training and exercising every day.  Debbie is an avid soccer player and president of a new soccer league she started with 3 other women called Fossil Football League. Her 50+ soccer team won the gold medal at the World Masters Games in Italy in August of 2013. She plans on keeping herself and her girls fit to defend in 2017 in Auckland. Debbie is an AFLCA (Alberta Fitness Leader Certification Association) trainer and regularly facilitates courses in fitness theory and resistance training. Debbie’s training philosophy is simple – “Quality, not Quantity and intensity versus duration.” She is a firm believer in cross training. Her very popular SED program and her new innovative ET program were developed with this simple philosophy. Debbie truly believes that exercise is the fountain of youth and that we age prematurely due to lack of exercise.